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Who is Jeff Victor?

Jeff Victor is a part-time reporter for Wyoming Public Radio and freelance journalist featured mainly in Wyoming news outlets such as WyoFile and the Laramie Boomerang. He has lived in and covered Laramie for several years now, afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted.

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Jeff Victor 

a news dude, covering the state for Wyoming Public Radio, covering Albany County for the people who live here // https://t.co/u1EoXmgpUF

Bailey Koch

Just a UW Agriculture communications student, aspiring to become a journalist.

Erik Zafft

UW Environment and Natural Resources and Communications undergrad student interested in the intersection between journalism, nature, technology and sustainability.

Erin Krieger

UW Environment and Natural Resources and Agricultural Communications undergrad figuring out this whole journalism thing

Ashton J. Hacke

A UW student studying Journalism and International Studies who believes in the power of reporting and storytelling.

Vanta Coda III

UW ENR and Communication/Journalism undergrad. A believer of the power of a photo.